What age can you start riding?

4 years old to whatever age you want, we have some people in their 60’s racing.

What riding gear do I need?

You need to be covered from head to toe. All riders need proper motocross boots, helmet, goggles and all in good condition. Juniors under 16 years old are required to wear body armour.

What bike can I ride?

We run several different classes at Coolum. From “Divi 2” class and up, these are all race bikes (Competitive). On our mini/beginner track you can ride and race any 50cc-110cc bike except Chinese pit-bikes. No quad bikes.

How do I join the club?

Follow this link to Ridernet and select “Suncoast JMC” from the list of motorcycle clubs. Fill out your details and you’re now a member.

How do I get a licence?

Follow this link to Ridernet and choose what licence you wish to purchase. You must be a club member before you can purchase a licence. You can purchase a day licence at the track on the day which allows you to practice or race that day only. Prices are $30 for practice day $75 for a race day.

What Licence do I get?

  • Mini Licence – ages 4yrs to 16yrs. Allows you to practice at any MA track in Australia. If you’re 4yrs to 9yrs you can also race in Demo 50 class at events with this licence.
  • Junior National – You need this licence to compete in “Divi 2” to “Junior Lites”.
  • Senior Recreational – You can practice at any MA track in Australia.
  • Senior National Licence – You can race/practice at any event in Australia.

What is the kickstart program?

First time Junior National Licence holders need to complete the Kick Start Booklet before obtaining their race licence. Contact your local coach for details on how this is done.

What classes do you run?

  • Demo 50 – This class is run on the mini track. Riders are from 4yrs to under 9yrs old. This is a non competitive class and more of an encouragement class. Bikes allowed in this class are:
    • Yamaha PW50, PW80, TTR50 TTR110
    • Honda QR50,CRF50, CRF110
    • Suzuki DRZ50, DRZ110
    • KTM/Husqvarna 50mini, 50sx
    • Kawasaki KLX110
    • Cobra 50cc
  • Divi 2 – This class is the first competitive class. Riders are from 7yr to under 9yrs. They race on the main track. Bikes allowed are:
    • KTM 50sx, Cobra 50cc, Husqvarna 50sx
  • 65cc – This class is for riders 7yrs to under 11yrs old. Bikes allowed are:
    • KTM 65sx, YZ65, Husqvarna 65, Cobra 65
  • 85cc Small Wheel – This class is for riders 9-11yrs. Bikes allowed are:
    • All 2stroke 85cc bikes with 17” front 12” rear.
    • 150cc four-stroke with 17” front 12” rear
  • 85cc Big Wheel – This class is for riders 12yrs to under 16. Bikes allowed are:
    • All 85cc 2 strokes
    • 150cc four-strokes with wheel size 19” front and 16”rear.
  • Junior Lites – This class is for junior riders aged 12yrs to under 16. Bikes allowed are:
    • All 125cc 2 strokes,
    • All 250 four-strokes.
  • All other classes are senior 16yrs and older and depends on what bike you ride or your age.